Glyph View ( in addition to List / Grid view or as a secondary on/off toggle )

I have several fonts that show up as Rectangles with boxes. These are usually for language fonts with glyphs from other languages including some braille fonts. This is not a big an issue for me as it is for others since I primarily work in english, but I figured this idea would be helpful for a lot of people that work primarily in other languages.

There is no easy way to view font glyphs / language fonts.

Here is my potential solution:

Grid View, List View and Glyph View.

Glyph view would be similar to Grid view but only display about 6 or 8 fonts at a time

A set amount of glyphs are shown across all fonts.

The amount of glyphs shown per font would be determined by the size of the glyphs.
Ex. If size is set to 6 pixels, a grid of 50 glyphs can be viewed per font. If size is set to 180px only 2-4 glyphs are shown per font

The size of the glyphs would be set by the user, using the font size slider (in pixels)
The smaller the “font size” set on the slider the greater the number of Glyphs that can be previewed on all fonts simultaneously.

The greater the “font size” set on the slider, the smaller amount of glyphs displayed per font simultaneously.

The box that displays " The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. " can be removed/hide in glyph view to give more space for glyphs to be viewed or it can just be left in with any modifications to copy applying to characters once you switch back to List or Grid view.

If glyph view is added as a secondary toggle instead of being added as a “third view”

I would have the glyph Icon next to the Grid/List view icon

And everything would function more or less the same as it did above since glyphs are usually shown as grids “List view” would be a more horizontal “landscape” grid that extends a font preview full width Left to right. with 6 to 8 fonts vertically as a “list”. While Grid view would be a more vertical “portrait” grid that displays 6-8 fonts total
( 2 UP and either 3 or 4 wide depending on whether or not Super search panel is open or closed)

I will add images later to help visualize / contextualize suggestion

Visuals attached

In addition to this…

It would be a good to be able to scroll through glyphs while hovering over a font ( this way the visually impaired can have the larger glyphs sizes but still be able to quickly look through the glyphs available in any given font)

A toggle to scroll through glyphs on all fonts displayed, simultaneously.
(scrolling, while hovering mouse over a font preview)
Toggle “on” = All fonts displayed scroll through glyphs simultaneously
Toggle “off” = Scroll one font at a time