Google Drive - Can't Add Multiple "Watch" Folders

Trying to add multiple Google Drive (Shared Drive) watch folders. Adding the first folder worked fine. Trying to add a second (either in the same, or different Shared Drive) results in the following error:

“Can’t copy files into linked folders”.

  • Your operating system: Win11
  • FontBase version: 2.16.9
  • What actions caused the issue: Trying to add a second “Watch” folder to Google Drive Desktop.

Note: FontBase’s root “FontBase” folder is being kept on the local drive.

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Hello @syrehn, Yuriy from the dev team, sorry for the late reply and thank you for your post.
When you were copying the second folder, did you by any chance have the folder you copied initially as selected in FontBase? If so, could you trying selecting the ALL collection at the top left, copy the second folder from Google Drive and see if it will work?
If you have a folder selected in the application, whenever you’re trying to add a new folder, FontBase will try to add the new folder into the one you have selected.
With linked folders, since they are references to folders, not complete independent copies with all the files and data, copying a folder into a linked folder would actually change the folder the link was created from (the folder you first copied from Google Drive in your case). This can sometimes be tricky since you’ll need appropriate permissions to do so. Also, different sync software (Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox etc) works with links to data in a slightly different way, which sometimes causes unexpected behavior.
The most solid behavior would be when using ordinary folders instead of the linked ones. In that case you could copy one folder into another etc. If that’s an option, of course.
We also have a pretty decent tutorial on Youtube (FontBase - YouTube), which you might find of use.
Hope this helps.