Google Fonts not available

Please include the flowing when reporting a bug:

  • Operating system - W10 Pro

  • Operating system version - Built: 19044.1766

  • FontBase version - 2.17.5

  • What actions caused the issue - I made a fresh install of Font Base and it doesnt show any font in the Google Font Provider. Does the setup of Google Font require any action to work? Please clarify.

  • If possible, attach a screenshot:

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My co-worker and I are also having issues with Google fonts in Fontbase. Only some of the Google fonts are showing up. (See screenshot - only 125 fonts listed but Google Fonts site shows 1,424 families.)

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I was thinking in getting the Premium for a live version of the product as I am really in the need of a reliable Font Manager but the support provided by the FontBase Team doesn’t seem to be great here…

I believe it’s a very small team working on this app (and offering the app for free means it’ll probably stay small), so the support can be rather slow. I do hope they’ll figure out this Google Fonts issue though. I’m a big fan of the ease and simplicity of FontBase, and it’s been super helpful to my team.

I understand but… it has been around 3 weeks already and no so far nothing.

Hello @ManuelGPz @zc-fluidra, thank you guys for your posts and sorry for the delay.
Seems like the issue here is that FontBase was installed on a system where the default root folder path already existed and contained 125 fonts or 0 fonts (the 2 cases). A simple way to fix this would be to remove the Google provider via its right-click menu, then add it back up by right-clicking on the “PROVIDERS” section title and selecting “Import Google fonts”.
Apologies for the inconvenience, it’s not always possible to reply in time due to certain IRL events.
Hope this helps and sorry again,
FontBase Dev Team


That did it! Thank you so much for the quick and easy fix!


Thanks so much for the easy fix @yuriy

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