Google Fonts Provider does not match Google Fonts

I just did a fresh install of FontBase on a Windows 10 machine.

For DM Sans, there are only 3 weights listed under Providers > Google (plus 3 italic weights).

Whereas there are 10 + 10 on Google Fonts.

Same with Chivo: 4 weights in the Provider, 9 listed on Google Fonts.

Maybe your connection to Google Fonts isn’t up-to-date? I think Google permanently adds fonts. Works possibly not automatically in Fontbase? I prefer to use the Google Fonts offline (downloaded it some month ago en bloc, updating from time to time) and I have also only the 3+3 weights of this fontfamilies.
So try to remove provider and connect again but you will loose existing activations and other adjustments …

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Thank you @Matty :pray:
@149203 thank you for the post :pray: As @Matty said, the updates are not yet automatic, so the surefire way to have the same fonts you see on Google’s website is to download them and as you would any other font folder.
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

Thank you for your response, Yuriy.

Just some candid feedback: As this is the case, the Google provider is useless. Or maybe worse than useless because you get a false sense that everything is there. My team was lucky to find the discrepancy. For teams that don’t find the discrepancy, they will be missing fonts and never know it. I showed this to several other designers and they were shocked to learn about it. Here’s a quote from one of them:

“That is wild. I didn’t know what I was missing. FontBase has a waning fanboy now.”

Thank you @149203, we appreciate your feedback and your opinion :pray:

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