Google fonts - synchronization and missing fonts

Am I correct in thinking that Google fonts are not automatically synchronized when new fonts are added by Google?

On that assumption I just deleted and re-added the Google fonts Provider in FontBase to get everything up to date but some fonts still appear to be missing. I now have 5213 Google fonts in total but specifically I don’t see Martian Mono. I suspect there must be others missing.

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I’d like to know this too.

Hello @razorpig, thank you for your post and welcome to the forum :pray:
Yes, you are correct, as Google does not update the fonts available via their Fonts page and the ones that can be accessed programmatically at the same rate.
The best way to get the desired font in this case would be to download the specific one from the Google Fonts webpage and use it as any other font file in FontBase.
Hope this helps and thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team


@yuriy OK that’s great. Thanks for the clarification.

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that is ok, if very clunky way, to do for a single specific font you want.(not FontBase’s fault)

on a broader more generic ‘use case’, is there a way to check for and compare the differences in fonts betweeen the two ‘lists’

Hello @dec,
I don’t think there is a dedicated way to do this within FontBase, unfortunately :pensive:
The closest, I guess, would be to create two folders or two collections, with pre-loaded and downloaded Google fonts separately, then manually remove the ones that are the same. Or doing the same with two folders directly in one’s file manager of choice. Not the most convenient way in the world though, I understand that.
Hope this helps,
FontBase Dev Team

thank you for response and comments.

i was not talking specifically about any internal FB method, but generically.

but it does raise another related FB issue

there seems (of course!) to be no way to compare the fonts between different FB Collection

and atm there is still no way to to do something far more simple and basic (and useful) - to even RENAME Collections

Thank you for your reply @dec.
As for comparing different collections, there is no way to do that directly in FontBase at the moment, although this does sound like an interesting idea and we will possibly consider it for implementation in the future :pray:
As for renaming a collection - here is a quick guide we’ve posted a few years ago on how to do this:

The ability to rename collections has been present from the very moment collections were introduced in FontBase from what I remember.
Hope this helps.