Group Font Families manually

I would like to be able to manually create font families. Sometimes they just don’t group properly and I would like to be able to override how they are grouped in the list.


We might consider this, if it gets more upvotes, but this will be not so easy to implement, to be honest. With this issue, it will be easier for us to train some AI or to collect user data to better determine the user font family, then to allow you to change the font families manually.

Changing them manually might involve changing the font file by itself, and that is not something we want to do.

I would love for them to do a better job. Is there a way to group fonts in the master list without changing the file itself?

I have tried this in a few different applications in the past and it’s impossible there is something to do with foundries and metadata. Helvética used yo give me problems, they are separated by other information like condensed, display etc.

I am not sure if im right on this this is all with assumptions. Then theres also the difference between TTS and OTF of the same family.