How to import existing font 'library'?

Hello. I’m a refugee from FontExplorerX (which you may know is being EOLed).

I have a large font library, all neatly organized on disk. Is there any way I can ‘point’ FontBase to this library, without copying the whole thing to a new location?

I tried changing the ‘Root folder’ in Settings, but that just creates its own “FontBase” folder inside that location.

I’m a font developer, so I re-save new versions of fonts which I then want to test. Would I have to save them inside FB’s root folder, and would it be aware of the change, or is it all cached?

I’m on macOS Big Sur, btw.

I have no experience with FontExplorerX… Is the current font library set up as a folder? If so, in FontBase, bottom left “Add”, Watched folder. This will create a directory junction (basically a link to the folder) in the FontBase Root folder.

Alternatively, copy your current font library into the FontBase root folder. Fontbase can read sub-directories.

Edit: Regarding saving new font versions, depending on how you set it up, you can either save them in the FontBase root folder or in the folder which you linked. Though you may have to restart FontBase to get it to refresh your font list.

Edit 2: I noticed you’re on macOS, FontBase is probably using symlinks instead of directory junctions (they’re a Windows thing) but it should work the same regardless.

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