How to match/sync/filter fonts (Find duplicates)

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i have a Google fonts as provider and i have a …\fonts folder (aznd then tere is .fontbase).

what is needed is filter so that say the cloud based Google fonts only displays the fonts that i do not already have

also the fonts dups search as discussed elsewhere
and fyi it is ludricrous in the extreme to suggest that users go through thousands of individual font families to identify and delete dups!

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Hello again @dec, thank you for the post:)
I have moved the post into the Greenlight category, which is used for suggesting/requesting features to be implemented in the future. If it gets enough traction with the community it will definitely be considered for integration in one of the future releases.
As for going through thousands of individual font families - unfortunately at the moment we do not have a mechanism in place to automate the process (hence this topic being in the Greenlight category). We do not strongly suggest users act in one way or the other in this regard, as they are free to use the app in whichever way they like. The best we can do at the moment is offer guidance and workarounds for features that have not been implemented yet and continue working on improving FontBase based on our plans and the feedback from the community and your posts and a great source of the latter.
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team