How to view stylistic alternates (salt)?

How to view stylistic alternates (salt)? I think this should be visible in the Glyphs tab?

See attached screenshot with an example of stylistic alternates.


Hello PC-CCC, thank you for your post :pray:
The OpenType Features button at the top near the Font Size slider is what you’re looking for.
As with other style changes, if you have no fonts selected, the changes will be applied to all the fonts you view, but if you have any fonts selected when changing this option, then the respective OpenType features will only be toggled for those selected fonts.


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Hello yuriy, thank you for pointing out how to show the open type features.

In the attached screenshot below, you can see an example of character ‘c’ for which there are two additional ‘Access all alternates’ (aalt):


In Fontbase, when selecting ‘Acces all alternates’:


I currently only am able to see the first ‘aalt0’:


How could I view all available alternates?

Thank you for the quick reply @PB-CCC :pray:
I’m afraid there is no way to access other aalt sets at the moment, but is should be possible to add this option programmatically on our end. Will bring this up when adding things to include in the next update.
Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime, but that you for bringing this up :pray:
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I already requested this feature back in 2021, and you recently closed said thread as “resolved” but the feature still hasn’t been implemented: Expand Opentype Features - #2 by dominik

Please add this to your programming soon.

Thank you for your reply @frozen :pray:
Sorry, based on the wording of your previous post on the topic it looked like you meant Opentype features like salt and aalt in general, not subsets of each, hence closing the topic.
At any rate, the feature should be available in the next FontBase update, it’s already been finished in terms of developmen :pray:
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FontBase Dev Team