I can't find any Crowd Tags (Show/Hide Crowd Tags separately)

I’ve been trying to find where the Crowd tags show up. I haven’t seen any and I can’t tell where or how they will show up other then in the tag area & I haven’t see anything but tags I myself have added.

Thanks for any clarification on this.

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I would also like to know how to display Crowd tags.

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The crowd tags are displayed on the SuperSearch panel (the bold icon on the left side of FontBase window). This is only available for Awesome subscribers.

I am an Awesome subscriber, I don’t see anything I myself haven’t added. Can you give me an example of how I can tell if it’s working or not. How exactly does it work? Maybe it is and I just don’t understand what I’m looking for.


Hello @WebWeaver64, thank you for your post and sorry for the delay in replying.
Crowd tags would be displayed alongside the default tags and the ones you’ve added.
Try having a look at Khula ExtraBold in the Google provider in FontBase.
You should see at least “sans” and “clean” as tags, and I believe “clean” is a Crowd tag
They are currently visually indistinguishable from the default tags.
Hope this helps,
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FontBase Dev Team

So you can only see the tags when you are in the Super Search and look at the list of tags. They do not show up with you right-click and manage tags.

Also there is nothing attached to sans, which means there isn’t really any bonus to crowd tags I’m kinda disappointed, there is also the issue that you can’t scroll the tag listing if it’s longer then fits on the page another disappointment.

The tags and the ability to have some help with understanding how others are tagging was the main reason I choose FontBase over other options.

That I can’t see what tags have been crowd tagged means I’m adding all the tags when adding a font. I have no way of knowing if it’s already been Crowd Tagged or not, nor what it was tagged.

If this isn’t going to be developed or applied in a usable and added value way, I think you guys need to rethink showing it as a bonus.

I appreciate your additional response, and that I’ve been able to see at least one font crowd tagged :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the quick reply @WebWeaver64.
Correct, you can see all tags in Super Search, as well as respective tags (if any) under each individual font in the Family page.
You’re right, they do not show up on right click-manage tags, since at least at the moment they cannot be edited manually.
As for scrolling the tag list - have you by any chance been able to update FontBase to the latest version, i.e. 2.17.5? This indeed has been a reported issue, but it should be fixed now. Do let us know if the issue still persists and we’ll do our best to investigate further.
Highlighting the distinction between default and crowd tags does sound like at interesting idea, even though it does come with certain implementation difficulties.
If you don’t mind, I’ll move this topic into the Greenlight category and, if it gets enough support/upvotes from the community, we will most likely consider implementing it in one of the future updates.
Hope this helps,
Thank you again,

So you can see Crowd Tags both from the Super Search or if you open (double click) a font.

I have now seen where I have double tagged a font, I can see the Crowd tag is slightly darker so you can tell what it’s tagged by the crowd.

I didn’t realize that it showed up there, so that at least enables me to see it.

My suggestion would be to add the how people can see/find the tags to the information and help area. I have rarely ever opened a font so never saw any of the tags. I work mainly from the main listing of fonts, so adding where to see what a font is tagged to the help pages would be extremely beneficial. I have only checked what I’ve tagged something with a right-click > manage tags so you can understand why I was finding crowd tags unhelpful :slight_smile:

Other then listing the tags when listing the fonts; knowing this & being able to find this information would have saved me much time & frustration. I’m sure it’s true for many others.

Again thank you for staying with this topic, as I’ve learned quite a bit and it’s made working with Fontbase much better.

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& ps: Yes my Super Search tags are scrolling after update. :grinning:


No way! The scrolling in SuperSearch, finally!

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Could you please make it possible to remove Crowd tags or at least add the option to deactivate them? I have so many fonts that are tagged incorrectly and it’s just super annoying. :frowning:

For example, this is not a script fonts, but I am unable to remove the tag since it’s a crowd tag.


“With crowd tags, every tagged font counts: when the same tag is added to the same font by different people three or more times, it becomes a crowd tag”

I think 3 times isn’t enough to avoid errors. Also you could add a “report wrong tag” option or something like that - so that the community can do quality control for tags at least.

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Hello @ilythia, thank you for your post.
And thank you for the suggestion, sounds like it really could be useful. I’ve changed the topic a little to reflect your comment so that it would be easier for people to notice this topic and upvote it. So, as with other Greenlight category posts, with enough support from the community we will probably include it in the list of features in one of the upcoming updates.
Thank you again,

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I’m still waiting desperately for a way to hide crowd tags or disable this feature. Tags are my most important tool to categorize fonts - so my tag list is pretty long already. Now I have things like “handwriting” and “handwritten” because both of them are crowd tags, but I just want to use one of them since both are redundant and make my tag list longer than it needs to be. And there are categories I don’t need which make it harder for me to quickly find the tags I need between all of those that are unnecessary for me.

Please help!