Importing and Exporting Collections

Hello! I’m running Fontbase 2.15.6 on a brand new Windows 10 machine.

I seem to be having an issue with importing and exporting collections in Settings. The popup notification says imports and exports are successful, but I see no new or changed files or folders in the Fontbase root installation folder or in the User\Fontbase folder.

Can you specify a filename or path I should be looking for? Is this a bug, or am I the only one with this issue?

TYIA :slight_smile:

Is your root folder on a cloud drive? They need to share the same root folder.

The collections file is exported into the FontBase root folder, in the .fontbase subfolder. It may be hidden by default on some computers.

Also, if you want to import collections on the second computer, you will need to sync the FontBase root folder somehow.

Nope, not anymore…everything is on my C, D, or E drives.

Thanks for the info! I found the exported collections file on my old machine and copied it to the .fontbase folder on my new machine, and everything is working properly. Thank you again!