Improved Glyph viewing/usage

I have fonts that use glyphs for kerning pairs or special “accents” before a letter or after a letter. It’s time consuming to select each one then click on glyphs then scroll down to the ones with the “special characters”. Also, it’s very time consuming to click one special character, copy it to Adobe Illustrator, then go back and search through the glyphs to see if a particular kerning pair is available or not then copy it, if it’s available, then copy to Adobe Illustrator, then check for the next one, until the word is done.

I’ve provided an example of what I’m talking about, though I’m sure that the UI could be improved. :slight_smile:


This is a great suggestion actually. We will consider implementing it when we will redesign our family page (soon). I will move this to the Greenlight category.


Could I also ask that you allow me to make the glyphs bigger or show a bigger version when you cursor over it (or other method?)? Some of these very fine lined fonts appear “gray” to me, despite the fact that the letter color is indeed black. My eyes are old and I am using a 32" monitor!


Seconded! The glyphs for a lot of script fonts are really tiny and extremely difficult to tell apart.

What would be really great would be if the hovering bigger version of the glyphs were accompanied by the glyph name and unicode.