InDesign 16.2.1 / Plugin errors

Had a user here get a bad plugin notification upon launch after update, I’m assuming from the most recent CC update.


Windows 10
InDesign 16.2.1
FB version 2.15.2

Have the some problem - win10, Indd updated, fontbase too… nothing works - I deleted indd as it was imposibble to start after setting folder in fontbase and it didnt help. How to solve this???fontbase problem

Hello. Can you try installing this version and see if that helps?

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I had the same problem and this file solved it.
In Windows 10 it should be placed in: <installation_path>\Adobe\Adobe InDesign 2021\Plug-Ins

Thank you very much!

We will make sure to include this new plugin version in our next release, so this error should not be occurring anymore.


I am getting this same error in the latest InDesign 16.3 on Windows. I had no error prior to either the Adobe update, or the latest FontBase update. I tried downloading the plugin posted here, but ran a diff and saw that the file was identical to the one I have installed. So replacing the file generates the same error when InDesign is launched (Adobe InDesign does not recognize FONTBASE-INDESIGN-WIN-2021.PLN as a valid plug-in. Please reinstall the FONTBASE-INDESIGN-WIN-2021.PLN plug-in and restart InDesign. Show this alert again?). Thanks for your help!