Is there a way to sort out new or untagged fonts?

Version 2.16.19, Windows Version 21H1, 64-bit operating system

Is there a way to sort out fonts either by date or that are untagged? I am adding some new fonts and I am looking for an easy way to isolate them so I can then tag and organize them into folders.


tagging still sucks - no way to scroll them in SuperSearch, or apply through the dropdown or smth similar

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Hello @tsaritzky, @bloodimir, thank you for your input. Sorry, unfortunately there is no way to do this in FontBase at the moment. But I’ve moved this post into the Greenlight category, so if it gets enough support from other users it is very likely to be implemented as a feature in one of the future releases.
FontBase Dev Team

Filter by untagged fonts would be awesome!


filtering untagged/ungrouped/uncatigorised fonts is very needed! Saves double work :slight_smile: and sometimes it’s just so much fonts to categorise. so please!

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Desperately needed. Adding a batch of new fonts is cumbersome without it.