List view (& Grid) - more than 11 rows?

I just upgraded to Awesome in the hope that Fontbase would show me more than 11 rows of fonts in the ‘List View’ of the main screen (unfortunately it doesn’t!). This leaves me with a lot of blank space under the previews of fonts on my 4k monitor that otherwise could accommodate more previews especially when shown in smaller font sizes (easily possible on my large monitor).

The maximum of 11 rows pointlessly limits the number of fonts I can see at the same time and takes longer to scroll though everything.

I realise as an Awesome subscriber I can now use the ‘Grid View’ but that is also limited to 11 rows, so again, very useful screen space is wasted. I see Grid View can display 4 or 6 columns (depending on how narrow or wide the program’s window is), but I really would love to use more vertical space (and more/specifiable columns). The more I can see at once the better as I hunt through my collections.

Is this possible? - I’m using Windows 10 in case that makes any difference.

One other odd thing, when I start the program and switch to Grid View, the sample text changes from ‘The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’ to the letter ‘a’, I then have to manually change it via the selector at the bottom of the program’s window. This happens every time I restart Fontbase. I checked settings and the letter ‘a’ is not specified in the ‘Text samples’ section so is this a bug?.

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Would like to chime in here as well on this. The extra space is wasted on high rez monitors. It would be excellent if the preview section simply filled with all available fonts, instead of just 11 rows. It took me a while to realise that fonts weren’t missing from folders, but that I needed to scroll down for some reason.

Hello @MrArtist, thank you for your post, sorry for the delay and welcome to the forum :pray:
I don’t think there is a way to view more than 11 rows at one time at the moment, unfortunately :pensive:
As for the default text in Grid View - that’s not a bug, but intended behaviour, double-checked to make sure. It’s a more recent change, so I do understand how it could seem like a bug. Sorry for the inconvenience :pensive:
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

Hi Yuriy, thanks for your answers, of course they mean there’s some extra questions!

  1. Why the limitation to 11 lines? Surely many/most designers have large hi-resolution displays?

  2. Any chance of making the view longer to fill the available window, just like ALL other programs?

  3. If the default text is supposed to change to ‘a’ but didn’t used to, why change it and why not leave the full display of more letters to stay as an option so that I don’t keep having to add extra steps to view fonts?

I also agree with lazy_atom, at first I wondered why things were missing, it makes Fontbase’s display very confusing.

Hello @MrArtist, thank you for your reply and the good questions :pray:

  1. It’s a design choice made at some point in the development process. Haven’t had many complaints about this limitation in recent years as far as I know, so I cannot confirm the part about many/most designers, sorry :pensive:
  2. Yes, it’s possible this will change in the future, of course, especially if we get enough feedback from the community requesting it. That’s one of the main reasons this forum was created in the first place.
  3. From what I understand, most users are more comfortable with the shorter default Grid view text sample resulting in less visual cluttering when viewing the maximum number of fonts/families on the same page.
    Thank you again,

Hi Yuriy, thanks for your answers.

Just to confirm what I see on my large 4k monitor, I can see the fonts clearly enough in sizes as low as 20px. In grid view it gives me a good preview of many characters at the same time so that I can scan and review things much more quickly:

But you will notice how much of the available screen space is unusable (and is functionally/visually confusing - is it the end of the list or do I need to scroll?). The only way I can fill the screen is by viewing the font at 100px but I don’t get to preview many of the font’s characters (in grid view), which limits Fontbase’s possible usefulness.

(I tried to insert another picture here but the forum system wouldn’t let me as a ‘new’ user.)

As for the default grid-preview of just the letter ‘a’, which you suggest most users find less visually cluttered, this is a very odd thought for a program that is designed to show fonts?! It wouldn’t be so bad if I could set the grid view to remain at my chosen choice of letters, but it resets to ‘a’ whenever I restart Fontbase, or even if I just view ‘settings’ without changing anything (on Windows 10 at least).
(picture also omitted)

My main feedback or thought on the ‘design choices’ that have been made to limit the view to 11 lines/rows, or just the letter ‘a’ for grid view, is why limit usefulness? It would be very odd if web browsers or any other program displayed on only half the screen leaving the rest blank - I don’t understand the technical limitation?

If there are some users that prefer shorter views, or less cluttered displays, then make it an optional choice in settings, but these days with more powerful computers and larger displays becoming the norm (especially for designers), why limit and constrict what essentially is a visually-based product that could easily do more?

Many thanks.

Hello @MrArtist, thank you for your quick reply :pray:
And a separate thank you for the extensive feedback :pray:
I completely understand your situation and that, yes, this limit does affect the use you could get out of the application :pensive:
Thank you for your suggestions, we will definitely take them into account when making future updates, you’ve made some very good points.
As for the technical limitations and what can or cannot be easily done - I’m afraid that’s not as simple a topic as it might seem at first glance. And could require a really long conversation concerning some details and intricacies of the whole thing. Please believe me that this was not a let’s-make-the-life-of-our-users-harder kind of decision :sweat_smile:
Again, you’ve made some excellent points and I made sure they were heard.
I’m very grateful for the detailed explanations, the good questions, and for raising the topic to begin with.
I’ll also move this topic to the Greenlight category, used for suggestions on where should FontBase develop moving forward. Hopefully it will get enough attention from the community and as such will be considered for future implementation in one of the upcoming updates.
Thank you again,

Thank you for your reply and thank you for considering my observations.

I will look forward to be able to view more fonts and characters at the same time without half the display being blank.

Thanks again :grinning:

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I’ve just signed up to the forum to say this one thing has literally single handedly stopped me from becoming a paying customer. Not just inexcusably bad design (huge productivity hit, looks pants, wastes half my screen, looks like a graphic fault - I wasted 5 mins thinking I only had 11 fonts!) but also the fact the devs/staff are fine with this and think it’s minor hits my trust. I’m tapping out.

Hello @lflegg and welcome to the forum :pray:
Thank you for your feedback :pray:

FontBase Dev Team

Hi Yuriy, you said you’d move this topic to the Greenlight category but I can’t find it.

It’s not going to get much support without that and judging by the recent response from a potential user it looks like the lack of support for my suggestions is already losing Fontbase some customers.

Hello Tris, thank you for your post :pray:
My bad, sorry, and thank you for the reminder, updated the topic category :pray:
If by much support you mean this specific topic being set as #1 on the priority list in the development process out of everything we’re working on, then, sadly, I would probably have to agree :pensive:
If by losing some customers you mean lflegg’s post above, then, well, it does look like we did lose a customer, as this is a killer feature for them.