Local sync folder for watched folders

Each person in our team has their own local root folder (for private fonts) and also a shared watched folder on the NAS server. We need a folder with the corresponding fonts for each customer. It actually works well. But as soon as the connection is interrupted only briefly, the program downloads all fonts again. And if we don’t have internet, we can’t use any of the folder’s fonts. Wouldn’t it be possible for these fonts (e.g. with rsync) to be saved locally on each device and regularly synchronized with the server?

Mac OS Big Sur 11.6.
FontBase 2.16.6

Hello @Robin, thank you for your message and sorry for the late reply.
This doesn’t seem to be possible to implement at the moment, but we could move this to the Greenlight section and if the feature gets enough upvotes, we’ll probably try to work on it in one of the future releases.
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team