Many fonts often missing in Silhouette Studio

Often when I use Silhouette Studio (for my cutting machine), fonts work one day, but when I open and want to find the font again, it isn’t showing up. Sometimes deactivating the specific font helps, but often it is multiple fonts every time. Not always the same. So hard to be in front before i open the program.

Im on an Acer Nitro AN515-45- with wondows 11, running Fontbase 2.17.5.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post…?

Hello @NK.DK, thank you for the post:)
Let’s try to figure this one out - are the fonts that are missing activated with FontBase and their activation status is showed with green circles?
FontBase Dev Team

Hello Yuriy.
Yes, the fonts are indeed activated and have green circles net to them.
See these photos:

1). Finish Font status in Fontbase= Green for Activated.
2) Searching FINISH in Silhouette Studio- located it.
3) Finish applied to my name in Silhouette
4) FINISH properties in main folder.

now the font missing:

  1. Volaroid Status in Fontbase= Green activated
  2. Volaroid search in silhouette- Nothing!??- closest is VOU
  3. Volaroid Properties in main folder.

There is no dublet font or font with different name. Nor is the installed Volaroid font named differently from the file itself, which is sometimes the case when fonts go missing.

also, as you see, the setting “Opens With” is set to Windows Font viewer.

I tried to change this once to “Fontbase”. But this affecter the preview, that was now not available. SO i changed it back to Windows Font Viewer.

After i did this, a lot of fonts now shows ekstra text when opening properties (see picture 9). But this is NOT the issue as some of the fonts with this message showing, are fully accessible in Silhouette Studio, in spite of that.

Still ive tried to check the box and apply, but there were no changes!?
Even though i closed all programs and reset the PC, before opening the Silhouette Studio again.

I currently have 6739 fonts installed with Fontbase.

This issue is driving me crazy, because there is nothing more annoying than a font missing when you’ve spent time browsing for one that matches your needs and visions.

I will attatch the other pics in the next message if possible…


Thank you for such a detailed investigation :pray:
Are the fonts, that are not visible in Silhouette Studio while being active, visible in other apps on your computer?