Migrate to Fontbase

Usually before using Fontbase, most of users will have lots of installed fonts.
In order to use Fontbase and depend on it in full terms, I need to:

  1. locate and backup installed fonts by user and fonts installed by programs like the fonts that comes with MS office.
  2. Now delete/uninstall fonts and keep only system fonts (or any “not to delete” fonts).
  3. Start adding backed-up fonts to Fontbase and enjoy.

But how to do this while I don’t know what are the system fonts? especially system font list could differ from windows version to another, or from build to another.
Is there a way to do this? Maybe like adding a feature in Fontbase that enables users to migrate to Fontbase with those steps but in automated process?

I download “FontExpert” font manager to show the installed fonts, it gives me around 43 system fonts and 217 fonts comes with MS Office which is strange and I don’t believe it.
Thank you so much

As far as I know, Fontbase has the ability to distinguish between fonts based on various factors and duplicates are recognized as such upon import. Activated fonts won’t / shouldn’t clash with fonts activated through Fontbase. Different versions of fonts will coexist in programs that don’t have a limited/restricted amount of fonts, and for activated fonts that are the exact same…well those don’t need to be activated in fontbase (will likely tell you the font couldnt be activated/is already active) since they are already active on your device and are able to be used by the system/program.

If you have different users with different fonts on different machines with different OS / OS Versions I can see why you would want to pull all those fonts, put them in a central location, and delete other existing copies. But I don’t see a point to backing up prepackaged software fonts, It’s likely far more trouble than it’s worth (explanation below) and as long as you have the software, you’ll have those specific fonts available.

Fonts that come prepackaged with software vary quite a bit on how they are stored, it’s not universal across OS’s much less programs and thus there is no real shortcut to finding them all easily. (this is likely why this feature doesn’t exist or ever will)
EX. Some programs just hide their fonts with different extensions, some have cloud based fonts and the only thing on the computer is a renderer (font file is never on your computer), others have files with randomized info/data that the program knows how to “decode” to show the right font. (physical font file on computer, not easy to find)

If you decide to pursue backing up prepackaged fonts… good luck. I hope your migration goes well, it can definitely be a pain. ( been there done that)

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Thank you for your reply and taking time to explain it to me.

  1. I tried to add for example “Arial” and “Calibri” fonts (which are system fonts) to Fontbase and it didn’t alert me about it being used or something. I can normally activate and deactivate it, so this is mysterious to me.
  2. When I add the font again to Fontbase, it’s saying in right down corner “Added 1 duplicated” and it didn’t get added to the collection, so this message should be something like “Font already added” or something similar.
  3. Thanks for the explanation regarding prepackage fonts, so yes, the most important fonts are system fonts