Missing fonts between laptop and desktop

I use FontBase on both my laptop and my desktop. I have a removable drive that I switch between the 2 to keep all files up to date and editable no matter which machine I’m on. Have noticed recently that on my desktop about 4k fonts are missing from FB but all 7k show in the laptop edition of FB. Would like to have them all on the external drive or at least copy the ones from the laptop to the desktop so all are avail. how can I do this?

Hello @RedHaute, thank you for your post :pray:
Do I understand correctly that basically your FontBase Root folder is on the flash drive and is the only font source for both FontBase installations?
How many font files do you see on this flash drive if you view it with a file manager?
It’s also possible that you have the Google provider on the laptop installation, while not having it on your desktop. Could you please check this?
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team