More space for variable fonts in Family Waterfall page

I have two variable fonts that I use and when I view them in the Waterfall pane the sliders take up the left side of the screen and the waterfall text is on the right side. Unfortunately, it doesn’t display the entire waterfall, only a thin slice of the waterfall. Perhaps you could place the sliders next to the font face dropdown. That would allow more space to display the text. I mocked up what it would look like.

Hello @marcos97, thank you for the post and for the suggestion :pray:
I’ve changed the topic a bit, and moved it into the Greenlight category, for features/requests to be implemented in future FontBase updates pending enough community support.
I can see how this could be inconvenient on smaller screens for example.
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

Even with a larger screen, it’s space that could be better utilized.

Just a suggestion.


It might be fine as it is, some variable fonts have more than 2 parameters.

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Oh, wow! I didn’t know that. I have no idea of what all those other parameters are. You’re right, it’s good as is.

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The font is RobotoFlex if you want to play around with it.

This specific font I downloaded from GitHub though:

For some reason the version downloaded from GoogleFonts loses most of its parameters in FontBase…

Thanks. I’m definitely going to get the GitHub version and play around with it. Sounds and looks interesting with all of those parameters.