Most fonts not displaying characters

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obviously before SOME font do not display SOME characters, most ly those with diacritics; but now most fonts do not display ANY characters


  • What actions caused the issue
    opening FB
  • If possible, attach a screenshot

PS btw the problem fonts all display fine even in FM View

i seem to have solved my own problem.
when i was checking setting, i noticed that the FB Folder setting was wrong/old and did not actually exist (so i do not know how ANY fonts displayed, and it was not complaining about this)
but when i corrected to the correct dir on C:, it said it added a few fonts, BUT when i went back to the font list display, ALL the fonts were now displaying. :slight_smile:

Hello @dec, sorry for the delay and thank you for your investigation:)
This is brilliant!
Indeed, if FontBase has troubles locating the font file it will not be able to display the preview text properly.
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team