Move not Copy fonts into Collections

as it has been a while since i needed to use Fontbase, i am refamiliarising myself with FB use - AND problems i had before

now the latest problem i am discovering now (again?), is that drag n drop of font to Collectiopn MOVES it - does NOT copy it

why is this for am start?

second, how then do i COPY a font/s to one or more Collections?

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That’s interesting, because I want to MOVE fonts into the collections, but they are always copied.

well, it definitely says ‘Move’ when you drag font, right?

(and of course the usual lack of any b*y support)

ok. i just test it all …

and although it says ‘Move’, it definitely COPIES

it ALWAYS copies, regardless, if from ALL or from another collection, or if you use Ctrl or not

so that is a bit of a pain really

so if you want to MOVE, it appears you have to do as a Copy by dragging into a Collection, and then a ‘Remove’ (by dragging out of a Collection to RH edge with its hidden Remove Panel)

Hello @dec, thank you for your post :pray:
So it appears, given both of your messages here, you want to copy fonts into Collections and are able to do so as per the tutorials?

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FontBase Dev Team

No, Yuriy!

that is what the app does NOW - even though it says ‘Move’

i actually want to be able to MOVE them; and i suspect that is what most users want to do most of the time, and is in fact what your app says - even if it doesn’t actually do that. :slight_smile:

as per previous Post, i would make the logical suggestion that you follow usual Windows convention and use the Ctrl key to copy both fonts and Collections

PS obviously all the fonts always stay in the global ‘All Fonts’ Folder

Thank you for your reply :pray:
I see, there must have been a type-o in the initial post then, thank you.
Thank you for the suggestion for the move/copy combination, I believe you’ve expressed it quite few times over the recent weeks in this forum in multiple discussions. We will take this into account during future development for sure.
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this should definitely moved to ‘Green Light’ or whatever as a high priority; but in fact, it is a BUG fix!

and your own app agrees!
because your own app says ‘MOVE’, but copies instead.

and right there you would have a definitive ‘bug’

Thank you for your reply, glad we at least resolved the “COPY” question in the initial post :pray:
I do understand your view on the matter, but, without getting into technicalities and linguistics, personally I do not this is a bug. You have the complete right to consider it a bug if you’d like of course.
Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll add this to the Greenlight category for sure. The priority is decided based on the app development plan as well as general community feedback, i.e. higher priority is usually awarded to features requested by a considerable part of the community. Sadly we are not always able to add/change features based on every single request right away due to certain limitations of the development process :pensive:
Hope this helps,

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short point, Yuriy, if a function SAY ‘Move’, but actually COPIES, that is a bug by any definition.

now, the quick and easy fix for YOU, is just to change the label so it says ‘Copy’; but of course, for me and other users, that is not a proper fix - the real fix would change the function so that it does as it says - MOVES.

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Thank you for the quick reply :pray:
Thank you again for voicing your view on the topic at hand. Move not Copy was chosen, I believe, not to confuse users as to the number of physical font copies on their hard drives. Up until now, for the last several years, we haven’t had any complaints on the wording, given the thousands or even tens of thousands of FontBase users. I understand your view on the matter is different, as you’ve expressed it repeatedly in our recent communication. Thank you again for fighting for the rights of other users, not just yourself, even though they don’t seem to have any strong opinions on the matter.
Thank you again for your activity and dedication,

Why not provide an option of creating a shortcut (which would consume less of a space due to the smaller file size) or Move?

Hello @UniversalDesignz, thank you for your post :pray:
A shortcut for what, if I may ask?
As to Move, the topic is in the Greenlight section as you can see, i.e. it will be considered for implementation during future releases:)
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

PS Closing the topic due to low activity and in favour of more sought-out features.