Moving tags to new PC


I am moving to a new computer and would like to transfer my settings, especially tags.
How do I do this? Where are they in Windows?

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Egyed Serf


I had the same problem and asked for that feature with exporting tags in March, too. Unfortunately t’s not possible yet. I really hope it gets implemented soon - I think it’s really one of the biggest flaws at the moment. :confused:

To export your fonts, you need to copy the root folder (where you have saved your fonts in the fontbase folder) and copy that to the same place on your new computer.

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but copying the root folder does not solve my problem. FontBase stores the tags somewhere else.
So my question is still valid for FonBase staff.

Some extra information.
I store my root folder on OneDrive. After re-syncing on the new machine, the tags still disappeared.
I have a full backup of the old PC, so if I knew the exact location of the tags, I could copy them over to the new one.

Hello @srf, thank your post, welcome to the forum and sorry for the delay.
All in-app data is stored locally at (if you’re on Windows) “C:\Users{username}\AppData\Roaming\FontBase\IndexedDB”
Copying this folder over on the new machine should do what you described. Be careful, if you’ve been using the newly installed app and have some data in it, copying the old database will overwrite all the existing data. So, if you can, make a copy of your current database (same folder location).
Unfortunately tags are not stored as separate files, so as of now they cannot be imported/exported on their own.
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FontBase Dev Team

Hello Yuriy,

thank you very much!
There is a disk image of my previous pc and copying the databases it works fine!


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