Multi-line Text Samples

At the moment, you can have a number of different saved text samples that you can use to check and select suitable (or not) fonts to use for any specific project (and/or dynamically add a specific sample eg like a title).

(btw, selecting/changing between these text samples is really buggy and problematic.)

But what would be MUCH more useful is being able to enter a block/para of text to get a much much better tool to check font appearance/s. One line is better than nothing, but, for a start is limited by the size of your screen width, plus, as well as that related limitation, a single line doesn’t really cut if you are looking at body fonts.

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The “Waterfall” Window could be used for that. Instead of one line in different type sizes a text block and ability to change size (maybe a job not so difficult for programmer)?

Thank you for your suggestions @dec, @Matty :pray:
Have you had the chance to check out the Preview page? Perhaps not the exact thing you’re looking for, but could help while this topic is still in Greenlight.
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

Yes I checked preview page. I’m afraid but this is not very useful, very slow (although “waterfall” window requires also two clicks) and it looks like there is no alphabetical order possible in the font selection, I have to search by name, so I have to check font names that I want to view before … so it’s faster to use right away a design or office tool for viewing (font activating).

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