My Subscription is paid but Access expired?

Please include the flowing when reporting a bug:

  • Your operating system:Mac OS
  • Operating system version: 13.6.7
  • FontBase version: 2.20.7
  • What actions caused the issue: Not sure
  • If possible, attach a screenshot
    Screenshot 2024-06-05 at 8.33.38 AM

Hello @dmac, thank you for your post and welcome to the forum :pray:
Would it be possible for you to re-login and see if it helps?
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

I did a few times but it didn’t change. This is what the site shows it’s paid but no active subscription. Not sure why that is? I can still use the software but seeing that access expired and the website showing no active subscription is a little disconcerting. Hope I’m not being a pain for this…

Thank you for the quick reply :pray:
This is definitely odd :thinking:
So all the paid features work, the last payment for your subscription was successful, and the only inconsistency is with this tab - is that correct?

Yes. That is correct.

Thank you for the quick reply :pray:
This is very odd indeed, will definitely figure this one out, thank you for all the info :pray:

Hello @dmac,
Would it be for you to try to reset the FontBase settings using this guide Reset Settings — FontBase Tutorials and see if it remedies the situation?

Hi Yuriy, I forgot to tell you. everything was resolved a few days ago. Not sure what was done but it just went away.
Thanks for your support!

Brilliant, thank you for the update :pray:
And sorry for the inconvenience :pensive:
Closing as resolved