New Install - How to deal with installed fonts?

New install. I have 6000 fonts in my system (C:\Windows\Fonts) folder. I also have an Adobe Fonts subscription, so some of the installed fonts are system fonts, some are managed by Adobe, and the bulk are just fonts I’ve collected and installed. Those are the fonts I want to “add” to Fontbase. Not sure how to do that.

Is there a way to “MOVE” non-system and non-Adobe-managed fonts OUT of my system (C:\Windows\Fonts) folder and into Fontbase?

Also, if I just want to “preview” fonts usuing Fontbase - i.e. view all my “Script” fonts, am I able to include system fonts in the preview? Like when you’re sifting through fonts to find the “right” typeface for a project. Thanks!

Hello @W4RDEN, thank you for your post and welcome to the forum :pray:
To add the fonts you’ve mentioned and utilise the whole scope of FontBase functionality with them (including font activation/deactivation) it would be best to move (if the only copy of a font is available in the system folder, then copy the font file from that folder and paste it into a different one, then uninstall the copy you have installed as you would normally) these fonts to a separate folder, remove them from the system fonts folder (C\Windows\Fonts), then add the separate folder into FontBase.
Yes, viewing system fonts in FontBase is possible, the only limitation would be font activation/deactivation (including auto-activation via CC app plugins), since system fonts are always active and FontBase is designed not to interfere with this concept.
Hope this helps and thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

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@yuriy, thank you I will try this!

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