Newbie Totally Confused About Existing Fonts on Mac

I’m working on a Monterey OS Mac and I installed Fontbase and bought the Awesome subscription to speed up working with fonts in Illustrator and Inkscape. All I have in Fontbase after I installed it are the 3795 Google Fonts. Where are the rest of my fonts so I can activate/deactivate them and have that list appear inside Illustrator? I have CC-2022. Do I need to install a plugin for Adobe and also how do I get this to work with Inkscape?
The website said that Fontbase should ask on startup to add system fonts but it didn’t. If I look in the Mac Fontbook App it says I have 600 Families and 1669 Typefaces. I’d like these to appear in Fontbase.
Sorry if this is obvious to most people but I’ve not used a font manager before.

Hey @fablabmh first and foremost welcome to the forum, to be able to see your fonts inside FontBase, you need to “install” those fonts in FontBase. Think of it like Apple’s FontBook, so the way I have mine setup is, I have a shared folder (cloud based - Dropbox, OneDrive, etc) with ALL my font files (you can open your font directory on your mac and copy and paste those fonts from there so they’re not always activated) to a folder on your computer and use that folder as your FontBase “catalog” but you will have to keep those fonts in that location so they’re visible inside FontBase. Once you have that you will be able to activate/deactivate them in FontBase and also make use of the auto-activation feature. I hope this helped. Good luck and let us know if this solved your issue.

*Once you get used to font managers, there’s no going back hehe

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Thanks Imcampos - I’ve made some progress and added in my fonts folders from System Library and my User Library but it still doesn’t have all the fonts listed that Font Book has. I think the reason for this is that a lot of these hidden fonts are actually Font Suitcase files (i.e. they don’t have a .ttf or .otf extension). Does FontBase not handle PS Type 1 font suitcases? For instance I have a font called Calisto that is in Font Book and is also in the FontBase folder but it doesn’t show up in FontBase when I search for it.

FontBase supports only OTF and TTF fonts, Postscript fonts are not supported.

i’m new to fontbase as well.
been a designer for 25+ years, have collected tons of fonts over the years. i used to be a dedicated linotype fontexplorer user, and an extensis suitcase user before that.

i understand not supporting PS fonts. (i still have some old “suitcase fonts”. if that doesn’t date me, i don’t know what will).

getting this setup… transitioning from the default font book app on mac. fontbase is not showing a good handful of OTF & TTF fonts that i know are in the fontbase folder.

  • these fonts were present & working with font book, but are not showing up in fontbase. one family in particular that i use regularly and checked is OTF but is not showing up in fontbase.

is there an error checking app to run on the folder as it seems fontbase does not have any of these features built into it. hopefully fixing or at least showing what fonts are incompatible or structured incorrectly for fontbase? it’s probably a good thing you have strict font structure requirements, but fonts i need are not working with the app. it’s pointless & confusing to run two font management programs, and i already purchased a year of the “awesome” package. (running a mac, not a M1)

any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @nevin, welcome to the forum, thank you for your post and sorry for the delay in replying.
Certain OTF and TTF do seem to not display properly in FontBase and, as most likely as you’ve pointed out, it’s due to font file structure/initial coding by font designers.
Yes, using several font managers at the same time would be most inconvenient.
It’s a good idea to consider, I mean an error checking tool.
I am not aware of any at the moment, but sounds like it’s something worth investigating on our end.
Thank you again for bringing this up,
FontBase Dev Team

it’s fine. thanks for the response.

error checking… not that it would fix the font, just flag it or not install it if it didn’t pass your requirements. that way you don’t install a font you can’t activate.

didn’t want to sound like i was complaining. i know this is a difficult utility/app to do because of all the various sources of fonts.

Thank you for such a quick reply.
Yes, I understood what you meant by error checking, it is a good idea and it indeed could be quite convenient to have.
You didn’t sound like you were complaining at all.
We’re always glad to receive feedback, this is the purpose of the forum after all:)
Thank you again,