Not syncing to Adobe Applications…

I just started using FontBase and purchased Awesome yesterday, since Adobe Illustrator wasn’t uploading my fonts (currently an issue with syncing fonts on their end). For some reason my FontBase fonts aren’t syncing to my Creative Cloud apps on my MacBook. Not sure what to do! Any help would be appreciated.


So you have activated fonts in FontBase, but they are not visible in your CC apps?

Yes. Not sure what’s going on.

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Im new to Illustrator and i have the same problem. Not sure how to activate them in AI. SOme of the fonts are showing, but far from the 6000+ i have installed…

Hello @NK.DK, thank you for the post,
To help us understand what the issue is: when you say installed do you mean they are usable in other apps, just not in AI?
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FontBase Dev Team

You know what… I did something, and it suddenly works… Something witk the “Plug-in Illustrator 2022”. I found out how i could connect it from Adobe Illustrator and now alle the fonts are here… So i’m good now.

But to awnser your question anyway, yes I could use the fonts in other programs, but none of them were in illustrator…

This is great news!
It case it doesn’t stay that way and something goes wrong again - do let us know, we’ll do what we can to help.
And thank you for answering the question anyway, we’ll keep an eye on it in case other users experience similar issues.
Thank you again,