Organizing Collections Into Subfolders

Is there any way to add sub-collections to top tier collections? As a design firm we have several clients with multiple projects for each client. These don’t always contain the same fonts. Instead of having multiple “folders” (i.e. CLIENT-Print, CLIENT-Web, CLIENT-Video) is there a way to have “subfolders” just to keep the collections list paired down appropriately?


Hello @Conquer, thank you for your post and the clear description.
Unfortunately there is no way to do this in FontBase at the moment, but if this feature gets enough support, it’s probably something that can be implemented in one of the future releases.


Created an account just to add our voice. Sub-collections are desperately needed for better organization.


Upvoted !
I personaly sort my fonts in 3 ways :

  1. By folowing the Vox-Atypi systeme (12 collections)
  2. By atributes : Mono, Ornements, Rough, Symbol,… (more or less 10 collections)
  3. By feeling : Retro, Halloween, Sport, Comic,… (15 collections)

Finaly i would like to sort theme by client, but i already have A LOT of collections. I can’t wait to ba able to sort them in sub-collections and collapse them to avoid this long scroll i have to do anytime i look for a font.
Until then, thank you for your great job on this usefull software i use every single day !


Here to put a vote down for this option to be made!

Over a year as a request and still no sub-collections in site despite being one of the highest voted features.

Is FontBase development dead? We’ve only seen 1 update this year. :frowning:

Hello @syrehn, thank you for the post and sorry for such a delay.
Now, not dead at all. Updates are actually coming soon. Yes, it’s been a while, very true.
But please bear with us for just a little longer.
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team