Photoshop Slow & Lagging Opening, Closing & Saving Files

There’s a terrible lag when opening, closing and saving files in Photoshop 2022. There’s also slow performance issues when working with layered documents in Photoshop when FontBase is running on the computer. Auto activation of fonts is turned off in FontBase. The FontBase plugin for Photoshop is not installed either. I’ve even tried deactivating all fonts within FontBase and the slow performance persists in Photoshop. When I completely close FontBase the Photoshop performance is restored and I can open and close files very quickly again without lag. It seems there’s an issue with FontBase itself, regardless of any fonts being activated through it on the system. The only way I can get Photoshop performance back is to completely close FontBase. I thought it might be because my fonts are hosted in Dropbox, but even with no fonts activated at all the Photoshop performance is compromised when FontBase is running on the system. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Operating system: Windows 11 Pro
Operating system Version: 22H2
Build: 22621.521
Ram: 128 GB
Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core Processor 3.40 GHz
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090
FontBase version: 2.17.5
Photoshop version: 23.5.1 20220907.r.724 5600b96 x64

Hello @mdutton, thank you for such a detailed post, welcome to the forum and sorry for the delay in replying.
We have received reports in the past about similar behaviour related to older plugin versions. I understand from your description that this might not be the case, but still - would it be possible to double-check if the FontBase plugin files are physically present in the respective CC app folders? (You can find their paths in FontBase’s Settings page). Hopefully there are some obsolete plugin files there and removing them will fix the issue. Then the current version plugins can be installed and things should run well from then on.
If the issue still persists, we’ll do what we can to investigate and resolve it.
Thank you again for bringing this up.
Hope this helps,
FontBase Dev Team

Hi Yuriy,
Thank you for the suggestions. I checked and I don’t have any old FontBase plugin files in the CC app folders. This problem started when I did the last major Windows 11 update. I noticed that this update introduced new features like folder thumbnails that might be dragging the system performance down as well since it has to cache all those thumbnails. It’s odd because I just built this Windows 11 computer a few months ago. It’s still relatively new. The hardware I have should be able to handle almost any Adobe workflow easily…and it did until recently. Everything worked great up until the Windows 11 update. No performance issues whatsoever aside from needing to update my graphics card driver a couple of times. I’ve tried various troubleshooting ideas and the one thing I have found so far is that my Photoshop performance drags to a crawl with FontBase running on the system…even when no fonts are activated. It’s very strange. I recently did a system cleanup and purged old temp files and system files and that helped a little bit, but the performance is still not where it was when I first built the computer. If I’m doing any kind of compositing or retouch work in Photoshop I have to close FontBase completely and only activate it again when I need to work with Typography. This is frustrating because most of what I work on requires some degree of Typography. InDesign doesn’t seem to be affected…only Photoshop. There seems to be some issue with FontBase, Photoshop and this latest Windows 11 update. If you have any other suggestions on how to fix this please let me know. Thank you.

@mdutton, sorry for the delay in replying.
A similar issue was resolved in the plugins contained in the April 2022 update.
My best bet would be to try to check for leftover plugin files (with Win11 upgrade something could’ve been left behind), make sure everything is gone, preferably both the old and the new.
Then update FontBase to the most recent version (came out just a few days ago) and re-install the plugins.
Would it be possible to do this and see if the behaviour still persists?
Thank you,

Hi Yuriy,
Installing the latest FontBase update didn’t help, so I uninstalled it completely. Then, I uninstalled Photoshop, deleted the preferences, and deleted the Photoshop folder as well in case something might’ve been left over. I then re-installed Photoshop and reinstalled FontBase to the most recent update and the performance is greatly improved! You might’ve been right about the plugin. I didn’t see it, but I deleted the folder and all traces of Photoshop just to be sure and now everything seems to work again. I appreciate your help resolving this issue. Thanks!

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