Plugin Errors for Illustrator M1

Am Running the latest version of Fontbase, Mac OS, and Adobe apps as on July 17 2022.

Illustrator give me an error saying that the fontbase plugin does not work

I am on an M1 Mac, running M1 Version of Illustrator with only the M1 Plugin for fontbase in the plugins folder.
( Fontbase by default installs both Intel based and M1 Plugins for the adobe applications, Intel Plugin triggers error dialogs on M1 apps and M1 Plugins trigger error dialogs on Intel apps, removing the extra plugin and only leaving the “correct” one for your system stops the error dialogs on all adobe apps except Illustrator)

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I get the same error. Wondering what the fix is!

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Hello @LGNU, thank you kindly for your post, for the investigation and for the suggested fix, it’s really helpful!
We’re working on fixing the root cause in the next release.
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

It’s september now, when can we expect the fix/update?

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Why is my reply deleted?? You don’t want people to know they are paying for a faulty product?

Hello @Valentein, unfortunately there is no definitive date for the next update yet, sorry about that.

Hello @paperdahlia, I don’t see any notifications about your reply being deleted.
Could it have been automatically flagged because of its content?
Sorry to hear you’re still having this issue and the workaround above did not yield any results.
We created this forum specifically to enable us to work on things that need improvement, including future features as well as fixing bugs, and this is a public space of course, so I find the second part of your message a bit confusing. But I can see how it could look that way if someone were to delete your message on purpose without any notification, which no one did as far as I’m aware of. That would’ve been inappropriate, we don’t do that here.

My original comment stated that I was having the same issue. Furthermore, I paid up front and I am disappointed that your product does’t work as advertised. It should be noted on your download page that the M1 chip will affect the usability of the product. I would appreciate a refund as I paid for a year.

Thank you for the quick reply.
Yes, unfortunately there are issues with AI, M1 chip and auto-activation at the moment, most likely due on AI’s side (since other CC apps don’t have this problem) and we are working on resolving them.
Regarding refunds, please shoot us an email at to deal with that.
Thank you,