Plugins path to Premiere Pro, After Effects

Hi, newbie question.

First day I discover this awesome app.

In the settings I see fields to provide the path to plug-ins for photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.

Can someone let me know why I do not see Premiere Pro or After Effects?

I searched the forums for Premiere and after affects but nothing shows up.

Is that something I would need to suggest as a new feature and if yes, is this current segment of the forum the best place to make this request?

Thank you for your patience.


Hello @boxi69, welcome to the forum and thank you for the post.
Glad you’re enjoying FontBase, that’s always heartwarming to hear!
As for Premiere Pro and After Effects - you are correct, plugins for these apps are not available at the moment.
You did a great job of adding this post to the right category, so if it gets enough traction with the community, this might be considered in one of the future FontBase releases.
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

Hello, I was looking for a font manager for a very long time, your solution seems to meet my need but in fact it just lacks the plugin for adobe premiere pro so that I can join it and take out a subscription. Today video editing is an essential activity, so it makes sense to develop your software in this direction.

Please for After Effects! My team currently uses Universal Type Client and we’re looking for a possible replacement. I’ve been trying to persuade them to switch to FontBase, and having an After Effects plugin would really help convince them that FontBase is simply better :slight_smile:

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5 years later and I’m still waiting for the auto-activation for after effects. With motion graphics at the top of its game (and still going with no signs of stopping), now is the time to get an update for this.

Agreed. Been a paid member for years and fontbase plugin after effects/ premiere pro has been “on the horizon” since the early days. I don’t personally use the two apps significantly (maybe once every few months) but I have friends, colleagues and team members that use 1 or both almost daily and they would benefit from the auto activation features I enjoy in Illustrator (my daily driver)

I also use After Effects and have many projects with different fonts would appreciate this feature.

It would be very handy to have FontBase integrated into After Effects.
Thanks for the great software so far.

I previously used Extensis Connect and it supported font activation in After Effects, but didn’t support Premiere Pro. So it might be possible to enable font activation for After Effects.

Just adding my support for Premiere Pro, After Effects, and additionally DaVinci Resolve!