[Proof of Concept] Functional Adobe Fonts "Providers" Entry

Demo Video: https://i.imgur.com/AdkpybN.mp4

The way Adobe Fonts works is that the font files are saved locally in a folder and loaded via the Creative Cloud application. The files are saved without a file extension, some programs can detect the fonts regardless, but FontBase, for instance, needs a file extension.

In the video I used this Python script: https://github.com/martinsstuff/file_projector_with_ext

The script “projects” a folder into another one and appends a file extension to all files, it also makes sure to update and remove files while its running. I will not give instructions on how to use it, besides being very untested, I am not sure how it looks licensing-wise. (In the video I am using Roboto, an open source font.)

If you really want to, all the information necessary is freely available on the internet: How to use Python, and the path for a certain Adobe Fonts folder.

Edit: This works fine with the Google Fonts provider enabled as well, I just turned it off for the video so Roboto isn’t duplicated.

The “right way” to do it would be if the developers simply set the FontBase program to detect the files in the Adobe Fonts folder and made sure to disable “enabling” the font.

While I haven’t used it, it would not surprise me at all if that’s exactly how Suitcase Fusion works.


Hello @think, thank you for the investigation and posting it.
As you’ve pointed out, this is primarily a licensing issue rather than a matter of great technical difficultly.
Your technical approach is very solid, thank you for sharing it, might prove useful for the community.
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team