Questions about standard UI functions

please see attached two screen shots (which i see uploaded natively ok :slight_smile: )

  1. i have problem with display because i can hardly see the menu and other options, but i see no way to change this

  2. there is this ‘mysterious’ RHS side bar, which i cannot expand, and i think i found in the past that you can drag n drop fonts here to delete. is that correct? is that its only use?

and btw the utter lack of any user manual is appalling. espec after YEARS of app production

Hello @dec, thank you for your post :pray:
I believe there is currently no way to change the icon display other than via the theme picker in Settings (part of the Awesome subscription). The default one is the one in the screenshots and yes, unfortunately there is no way for a user to tweak individual UI elements right now :pensive:
The mysterious bar on the right of the main window is for scrolling the font list. The expandable pane for removing fonts from a collection (good catch) appears whenever you drag a font while a collection is open and is a separate element from the scrollbar.
Hope this helps,
FontBase Dev Team

hi again Yuriy

just a quick point

that expanding vertical pa=nel for removing fonts has just got to go!

who on earth thought that was a good, or even acceptqable, way to implement thst function???
an extremely silly way it has been done

if you want to do something like that, i mean, instrad of somethiong simple and logical, you know, like a right-hand mouse with a delete and Remoive option. who would have thought of that? :slight_smile:, you could have a fixed box instead that you could drag fonts to, similar to how you can drag messages on mb to a ‘X’ on screen. nthat would be quite nice and simple AND understandable

Thank you for your reply and for the suggestions :pray:
We do value your opinion and view on the matter, as any community feedback is always welcome. As for “who on earth thought that was a good, or even acceptqable, way to implement thst function???” - well, we, the FontBase team, did. And the solution seems to work pretty well given the feedback we’ve received so far:) However, I do understand that you have your own particular views on the matter, and thank you for expressing them in such detail :pray:
Thank you again for the suggestions,