Sharing fonts with co-workers using Dropbox

I recently reorganized my fonts folder after getting a new MacBook Pro with the M1 chip. I’ve shared the folder with two coworkers using Dropbox. The main folder has subfolders A–Z containing about 3,000 fonts. I have installed fontbase on my MacBook (we’re also Awesome subscribers) and noticed that it automatically added just the Google fonts under the Providers tab. Should I just drag and drop my newly organized fonts folder onto the interface? My coworkers have been using fontbase for awhile and so I would like to guide them in using the new shared fonts folder on Dropbox. Do they need to delete everything to do with Fontbase first? Such as the program itself, the local user data at: (Library/Application Support/Fontbase) and also the root folder at: (Users/USERNAME/Fontbase)?

Thanks, Richard