Some Google fonts are different to the web repository?

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  • Windows 10 64 bit
  • FontBase 2.16.9

I’ve noticed that some fonts that are imported through Google provider display differently in Fontbase (and other applications) than on

The font in question is our corporate font, Nunito Sans, which is a google font (it’s also an Adobe font, which could be the issue here). See attached screenshots for what I am seeing.

Note that I have disable Adobe Typekit completely on our systems, so there should be no conflict within the OS.

Note the ‘l’ in the font in both images, they are different. I am sure more of the characters are different as well but it could just be the ‘l’. My eyes are not that good!

I encounter the same issue. For testing I’ve downloaded the google fonts and put them to a local watched folder: there the font tables are shown correctly.
Additional I have the problem that some font tables are not shown but only the crossed boxes. The fonts are working but no preview in FontBase. Problem with some programming of the font designer?

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Hello @bpinnington, welcome to the forum, thank you for such a detailed explanation of the issue and sorry for the delay in replying.
There does seem to be a difference, more noticeable the heavier it gets.
As this is the difference between font files Google makes available in different places, I believe the best solution would be as @Matty described so well, i.e. download the font version directly and add it to FontBase, in addition to the default fonts in Google provider.
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FontBase Dev Team

Hi bpinnington and yuriy

Fist I want to say that I like Fontbase for its lightweight and fast handling. And sometimes I am handling many fonts.
Further using Extensis Suitcase (before they changed to abo) I had some troubles.

Google Fonts: I will download and use them “offline”; and look from time to time, if there are interesting new ones. :wink: If it remains possible to download them …

Fontbase preview: But I want to notice again, that I have some older fonts and a few of them are also not shown correctly; as I mentioned in my first post. When I save them again with a font design tool they are shown correctly afterward.(?!) So it seems to be an issue of font designers but maybe also with “tolerance” of Fontbase?
This is not that important (really only a few fonts) but maybe only a small bug?

It may be the version that FontBase is loading. I took a look at Nunito Bold and what FontBase is loading is 3.504.

If you download the font the version is 3.602 & shows the curved l.

So not sure how to force FontBase to load the most recent version but something like that might fix the issue.

Thank you for the quick reply.
Yes, it does seem to be the issue with the way certain font files themselves are designed, hence only a small percentage of them are not displayed properly. We will probably try to investigate this in detail at some point, but I’m afraid the individual differences between different font designers in these cases could be too diverse to come up with a single way to process all the possible variations with 100% accuracy. But we’ll see.
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Hello @WebWeaver64, thank you for the post and for the investigation of the differences.
Not sure if forcing FontBase to only use the latest version would be the way to go about this. The design is not to limit users to only one version per font, as some might prefer to have different version of the same font for different use cases.
So at least as of now it looks like including both font versions would be the easiest solution.
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I agree. If someone has loaded an older font on their computer it shouldn’t be replaced, however those fonts load from the persons computer so wouldn’t be replaced. I can choose to activate the font on my own computer, or to activate the google version now, and I’m not suggesting that be changed.

I meant to reload the Google fonts themselves that are auto included with FontBase. imho these should be the latest available from Google.

Thank you for such a quick reply.
I see, thank you for the clarification, we’re on the same page then:)
Yes, we do try to keep the auto-included fonts as up to date as we can, just as you’re suggesting.
Thank you again,