Sort out fonts not tagged

I’m trying to sort out the fonts that aren’t tagged and have typed #!typeface/tagged per your tips document but it is not bringing anything up. Is there something I’m missing?

I look forward to being able to sort fonts by date, which would help a lot.

What “tips document”?

I’m fairly certain this document was in one of the Fontbase downloads - I can’t figure out which one. I didn’t even notice it for a while.

FontBase Tips

  • Hold down option and click on a tag in the sidebar to select the inverse. For example User → System, Activated → Deactivated

  • You can enter any tag in the search bar. Type # and you’ll get autocomplete

  • Type #! to inverse a tag in the search bar, for example: use #!typeface/tagged to get all fonts that are not tagged yet

  • Enable View > Hide Fonts Missing Glyphs to filter fonts based on character support. The app will hide all fonts that cannot display all the characters you want to preview. For example if you change the preview text to ‘áüô’ you’ll only see fonts that support those specific characters.

  • View > Auto Size tries to resize the previews such that they are all the same length. This allows you to compare font characteristics more easily independent of their relative sizes.

  • Right click on a preview and choose Preview > Dynamic > Short/Medium/Long to get font-specific previews. Instead of all fonts trying to preview the same text you’ll see the characters the fonts supports. For example an Arabic font will show Arabic script, Apple emoji font will show emoji.

  • Click the numbers next to the slider in the toolbar to toggle between font size and tracking. With a trackpad you can also hold down Option and pinch to adjust tracking.

  • You can create sub tags to create a tagging structure. For example create a #projects tag, then #projects/personal, #projects/MyClientA, #projects/MyClientB subtags to neatly organise your fonts.

  • You can create a pdf of font previews to send your selection to clients: Collect some fonts or choose a tag, then choose File > Print and click the PDF dropdown in the left corner of the print preview.

Finally the Quick Collection is of course an important part of the app. It allows you to collect fonts you like during the design process. A typical workflow would look like this:

  1. Change the preview to whatever you want to use in your design, e.g. if it’s a logo for a company enter the company name (third icon in the toolbar)

  2. Change the preview size (two-finger pinch or slider) or View menu options to fit to your needs

  3. Start browsing through the font library (and filter fonts based on traits in the search menu or the tags you’ve created)

This is not our document and we never created something like this.

Apologies. I don’t know where it came from. It would really help if there were a short manual with specific instructions.

We are planning to release a bunch of tutorial videos in the near future.