Syncing fonts between pc and mac

I switch between using my Windows 10 PC and Macbook Pro and have just signed up for the poor version so I can sync fonts between the two systems.
I just installed a new font on my mac, but it doesn’t show up in FontBase when I search for it.
I tend to install fonts using the native method for each operating system I am using at the time, of downloading them (from Envato Elements usually) and then simply clicking to install them on my PC or Mac laptop (via Font Book).
How can I make sure that any/all fonts installed on either my Mac or PC sync automatically so that they are always available on both systems via FontBase?

Hello @Eyetoother, really sorry for the delay, thank you for the question and welcome to the forum :pray:
I think I see what you mean, but unfortunately FontBase is not designed to manage fonts installed on your computer via native methods. E.g. if you have 200 fonts that come pre-installed with your system (Win or Mac), which you can use in any application, when you install FontBase you will see none of them.
The closest way, from what I can see, to have the same fonts available in FontBase on both computers would be to:

  • install FontBase on both;
  • move the Root folder to a network drive connected to both computers (or a Dropbox/Google Drive etc), so that both FontBase installations point to the same Root folder;
  • add a font or a folder of fonts in either FontBase installation.
    This will make sure you see the same fonts in both FontBase installations. But even in this situation activating a font on one computer, even via FontBase, will not make it active on another computer, unfortunately.
    Hope this was at least somewhat helpful,
    Thank you again,
    FontBase Dev Team