Tell about yourself

How are you using FontBase? What industry are you working in? How did you learn about FontBase? We’re really curious to hear your story :smiley:

Found out about Fontbase through the recommendation of other comic letterers, our job very much involving a large collection of different fonts. I’ve been typesetting comics for just under a year now (just as a side hobby) and only really realised the benefits of having a font manager when I observed the rather fast rate at which my collection was growing - it’s really made keeping track of my fonts so much easier!

Also really interested in getting into more graphic design and typography, coming from an architecture design background (currently studying).

I’m a mostly retired graphic designer, but I still do the odd job and things that interest me. I found FontBase when searching for a replacement for Suitcase; after years of being told it was such a great program because they didn’t require a subscription . . . and then they required a subscription. They also made it laborious to add tags or categories, something FontBase makes much easier to do. I have about 12,000 fonts so it can be overwhelming without a good font manager.

I really like the FontBase app although I do think it is missing a few features that I’ve become accustomed to using. There has been a learning curve for me and I am currently in the middle of a major glitch, but I do appreciate that Dominik is most likely flying solo in handling this. I like supporting small businesses but feel badly having to contact him so frequently.

I am thrilled this forum was created, and hope in the future there will be a more complete manual for people like me adjusting to a new font management environment.

Hello Tracy, nice to see you here :smiley:

I’m not generally on Instagram or Facebook, but I was happy to find this forum mentioned when I went into Instagram to contact you. I really do appreciate the effort you put into this app. It is, indeed, lightning-fast, which is something I could not say about my previous font manager, and it was much more expensive.