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You must have this feature planned sometime, but maybe enough votes will bring it sooner than later.

Be able to temporarily activate fonts that will automatically deactivate when OS is restarted/shut down.

You sometimes activate many more fonts than needed just to test stuff out. After deciding, you can permanently enable the ones you will use and just forget about the others, since they will disappear when closing the OS.

A new permanent ‘Temporary’ section can be added, just to quickly identify the fonts and make some permanent or just quickly deactivate them as a bulk, if you so wish.

As a design suggestion, folders with only temporary fonts activated can have a yellow colored circle/dot, for example, and the folders that have mixed activations can have the circles/dots half yellow, half green.


You can just add all your ‘temporary’ fonts to a separate collection, I am not sure if it is really necessary to add a separate activation type just for this?

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Temporary activation is pretty comfortable option – You don’t care about activation at all. You just select once Temp activation and you know that after restart or after some time activated fonts will deactivate by itself


Activation/Deactivation each time you open a file is nice, but when you work on a range of designs with the same fonts used everytime, it would be nice that fonts stay activated only until you end your session or shut down your computer.

I’m thinking more of a “clock” icon at the right/left of the activation icon. If you click it the font/typeface will be activated until you close Font Base. And when you boot up the program again that font will be deactivated.

Something like this

I see the value in letting us experiment inside of our adobe apps (I do what OP mentioned to experiment with different ideas and combinations). On the other hand, execution of said process can be done in several ways, each with a unique set of challenges and potential to cause bugs/errors in certain areas to add what is essentially a quality of life update that has several existing workarounds (Workarounds listed below). Adding this feature while nice could also lead people to ask for more things branching off of this idea taking away focus from other areas that could have much higher ROI’s for us as users

“Be able to temporarily activate fonts that will automatically deactivate when OS is restarted/shut down.”

Many fonts activated to test, few actually kept/used in final file

Turn on “Activate fonts on application open” & Turn on “Deactivate fonts on application close”,
Activate all fonts (activate “inactive” fonts section) or activate a variety of Folders/collections,
Start a new file in your adobe app or open existing,
use all the fonts you want to test in your file,
delete or outline all the versions that didn’t make the cut,
close out of Adobe app/file,
reopen adobe app/file
only the fonts that “made the cut” should load in.

Open Supersearch in fontbase and plug in all the characteristics that would make a font compatible/perfect for your project,
Click on the first one (name should turn purple),
scroll to bottom or as low as you want to and SHIFT click,
(all fonts in between that even remotely match what you are looking for are selected),
Right click and a popup will allow you to activate all selected fonts.
with no additional changes minimize fontbase
Open adobe app/file test the fonts out,
Save your file,
go back to fontbase, cmd or ctrl click on the fonts you want to keep activated
right click on remaining selection of fonts and a popup will allow you to deactivate all selected fonts in one click. ( if you have auto activation on, delete or outline all other font explorations before saving to avoid unwanted font activations next time you open said file)

These workarounds can be modified, mixed and matched to suit your own needs and although not as convenient as a “set and forget” option it is a more efficient way of activating and deactivating fonts for experimentation than going font family by font family and is also available for use TODAY.


Brilliant, thank you so much for sharing this!:slight_smile:
FontBase Dev Team

I honestly find every workaround on this a hassle. It would be much easier to have a dedicated button that does it all without micromanaging so many things. The least micromanaging the better.

I’d love a feature like this since I’m activating so many fonts I don’t want to keep activated once the project is done, and having to create a new collection and edit it every day it’s such a bad hit to productivity.

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So, this won’t be happening anytime soon? :frowning:

Hello @crisalarconworks, thank you for the bump:)
We are actively working on updates, we were about to release one this week and then continue working on additional features, including some of those in the Greenlight category.
Infortunately the mass-bombing of civilian energy infrastructure by the russians does impede the process somewhat, but we’re doing all we can and the updates will roll out, even if with some delays.
Sorry for the inconvenience,
Please bear with us,

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