Temporarily activate fonts

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You must have this feature planned sometime, but maybe enough votes will bring it sooner than later.

Be able to temporarily activate fonts that will automatically deactivate when OS is restarted/shut down.

You sometimes activate many more fonts than needed just to test stuff out. After deciding, you can permanently enable the ones you will use and just forget about the others, since they will disappear when closing the OS.

A new permanent ‘Temporary’ section can be added, just to quickly identify the fonts and make some permanent or just quickly deactivate them as a bulk, if you so wish.

As a design suggestion, folders with only temporary fonts activated can have a yellow colored circle/dot, for example, and the folders that have mixed activations can have the circles/dots half yellow, half green.

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You can just add all your ‘temporary’ fonts to a separate collection, I am not sure if it is really necessary to add a separate activation type just for this?

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