The good and the bad of the latest update 2.15

So, how did you like the latest FontBase update 2.15? Had any issues? Was your workflow improved with that? Any cool stuff you have discovered? We would be happy to hear your feedback here!

First of all, congratulations on the excellent work. FontBase is an incredible program.

Regarding version 2.15.3, I noticed a considerable drop in performance on my laptop running Windows 10 (comp 10.0.19041). Drag and drop does not work well and there were some freezes when adding or removing fonts from the catalog. I went back to version 2.14.0, but I plan to update to the next versions and enjoy new features.

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This is rather unusual, we have noticed a performance increase on all systems. Can you maybe record a short vide of this so we can better see what’s goin on?

Of course. I record in the next few days.
I took the test again and the slowness persisted with 2.15.3.
Version 2.14.0 works smoothly.
I started to suspect that the problem may be in the amount of folders or fonts. My library has more than 23,000 fonts and, as I used Suitcase, most fonts are in folders.

Oh, the amount of folders could be actually a problem here. How many have you in the top of your FontBase root, exactly?

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You’re right.

FontBase updated automatically, I took the opportunity to test. I put all fonts at the root and the problem of slowness has been solved!

I had just over 10,000 folders (which were created automatically in Suitcase) and - correcting what I said earlier - 21,000 fonts.

Thank you very much for your attention. And, actually, this version is much faster than 2.14.0.