"These are not the fonts you're looking for"

Please include the flowing when reporting a bug:

  • Windows 10 Pro
  • 22H2
  • FontBase version -(most recent? Paid monthly)
  • Trying to activate

As you can see in the screenshot, some fonts in my root folder will not activate. The message, “These are not the fonts you’re looking for” appears in the main window instead. Can anyone suggest what might be happening here?

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Hello @jimpmorrison, thank you for the post and welcome to the forum :pray:
It looks like the “Avant Garde” folder you have selected does not contain any valid fonts. Are the font files present there? Are they of the .otf/.ttf type?
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

Thanks for your response and sorry for my delayed reply. There are fonts in the locations. In the Avenir location the font file is a TrueType Collection file. Most of the files which I can see that display the same message (“These are not the fonts you’re looking for” ) are TrueType files. Can you think of a reason for this?

Thank you for your reply :pray:
TTC, or true type collection, files will not be displayed, sadly. Currently FontBase only supports .otf and .ttf font file types.
If you can indeed see some fonts, but not others, then I suspect it’s the file format that’s the culprit.
There might be some tools for converting TTC files into OTF/TTF, but unfortunately I am not familiar enough with the process to make a good recommendation :pensive: The best thing I can do is Google search and drop some links here, but that’s about it. Perhaps other forum members could help with that?
Hope this helps,