Turn off Folders local cache

We have dedicated fonts share volume that multiple machines access (some on NexusFont, one lifetime Fontbase, one free Fontbase). I recently discovered (after updating some fonts at that root source) that Fontbase ignores the source folder and thinks its (older) local copy is all I ever need…

Is it/would it be possible to turn off this “save local” feature of making duplicities and force FontBase to use the one and only server folder? I would understand the sync would take a while upon boot or forced sync. NexusFonts seems working quite fine this way.

Hello @artma, thank you for the post and welcome to the forum:)
Font folders can be added into FontBase as regular folders or “watched” folders. The latter is intended for the behaviour you’re describing. There might be some difficulties when combining this functionality with folders stored on remote servers, NAS drives or Dropbox/Google Drive and the like, but I suggest you give it a try anyway and see if the experience is better that way for what you’d like to achieve with the app.
Hope this helps,
FontBase Dev Team

I would suggest following what Yuriy suggested.

With the addition of, if you are using a cloud provider like dropbox/drive/box/etc. Sync the parent folder that stores all your fonts to your machine, and make them “available Offline” / “Local” (nomenclature will vary based on cloud storage provider)

Do this before setting it up as a Watched Folder to speed up the process. Otherwise your computer will individually request font file by font file until you have them all synced. I made that mistake once, Syncing beforehand was 30 seconds-1min for over 7k individual font files, setting watched folder on the same but unsynced folder took 10-15min, not the end of the world but it slows down your device/internet connection.

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