Uninstall/Rest issue with MacOs Sonoma

Hello, I want to uninstall/reset Fontbase on my mac with Sonoma 14. I tried deleting the Application Support/Fontabase directory and deleting Fontbase app file too. Every time I reinstall the app and reopen it I get the old watched folder listed there. Why? How to really reset?
Another question: how to remove the watched folders from the list? Using “Delete” it really deletes the folder from the drive!

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On your second question, right clicking over the watched folder within Fontbase gives a ‘Delete’ option. I just tested it on my watched folders and it didn’t delete the folder and font files from Finder, only removed it from Fontbase.

Hope that helps.

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Hello @theant, thank you for your post :pray:
On your first question: to remove all the previous folders you would need to remove the previous Root folder as well. You can see its path if you navigate to the Settings page, then scroll down to the Root folder section. So, just as you did before, uninstall FontBase, remove the settings data folder, remove the Root folder, and that should be it :pray:
Regarding the second question: you can either remove the Watched folder link in the Root folder using your favoured File Manager application (e.g. the standard File Explorer), or right-click the Watched folder in FontBase and select “Delete”. This will delete the Watched folder link from FontBase, from the Root folder, but will leave the original folder, wherever it was located, intact.
Hope this helps,
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team