Watched Folder without copying all contents?


Is there any way a folder - or watched folder - could be added in FontBase without having all of their contents copied (maybe use shortcuts instead?) to FontBase folder located in the system hard drive (C:\Users\User\FontBase\FONTS)? Other font managers have this option which is very handy when dealing with huge collections containing some thousands of fonts.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Manos, thank you for your message and welcome to the forum.
What you’re referring to is actually the linked folder functionality built into FontBase and will do exactly what need. You can try adding a linked folder by clicking on the plus in the bottom left corner of the application and following the queues from there.
We also have a set of tutorials on FontBase - YouTube which you might find of use.
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FontBase Dev Team

Thank you Yuriy!

So, watched folder are linked folders? When i right-click the watched folder shortcut created in \Users\User\FontBase\ folder, properties look like those of a normal folder (along with total size, number of files, etc) and not of a shortcut.


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Thank you for the quick follow-up Manos.
Hm, that’s interesting.
Does the folder icon (in your file explorer) have a white square with an arrow in the bottom left?
Also, if you check the root folder size (\Users\User\FontBase) in your file explorer (right-click → properties …), does in increase if you add a watched folder in FontBase?
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Yes, the folder icon is a shortcut. Here are both root and content folders’ properties:

Also, i don’t know if this is a feature or a bug, but deleting the FONTS folder from the FontBase directory, deleted the real folder and all its contents from its original location, which gave me a heart attack since this is a collection i’ve been maintaining since 1997 (fortunately, i’ve restored it from Google Drive’s bin)! So, it’s obvious the two folders are linked, but i’m not sure if this is the way it should work. Deleting something from the original location should be mirrored in FontBase’s copy, but not the other way around.

Thank you for such a detailed and quick reply.
Just to clarify - when you deleted the FONTS folder, did you do it within FontBase, i.e. using the right-click pop-up menu on the folder in the sidebar and selecting “Delete”?
Indeed, FontBase does not intend to delete anything outside of it’s root folder, so the behaviour you’re describing definitely looks odd.
Would it be possible for you to confirm this behaviour by creating a dummy folder with any font copies in it, then adding it to FontBase and deleting it just as you did with FONTS and seeing if the dummy folder is affected in the same manner? That would really help us in understanding where the root of the problem might be.
Also, you mentioned Google Drive. Was the FONTS folder you added as a watched folder in your Google Drive by any chance?
Thank you,
FontBase Dev Team

Yes, my FONTS folder is in Google Drive. The folder was deleted from Googe Drive when i deleted the FONTS folder in the Users/Fontbase location from Windows Explorer while having FontBase running in the background. I made a test with a dummy folder (two different tests actually, one on a physical hard drive and one on Google Drive) and after deleting them from within FontBase, the original folders remained intact.

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Sorry for the delay in replying and thank you for running the checks.
We can only influence FontBase functionality, the way WIndows/Mac interacts with Google Drive can be a different matter. So, at least for now, to prevent the unfortunate situation that you’ve had initially it would be safer to stick to FontBase folder management through the app itself, not by direct manipulation within the root folder.
Hope this helps.