Watched Folders Disappear

I’m using FontBase free version at the moment to test functionality. I have watched folders setup to pull fonts from a server that is password protected. Some times when I open font base, the watched folders are completely missing, so I have to re-add them and then reactivate the fonts I was using. Other times the folders are there but fonts are not activated. Every time, I ensure I have reauthenticated my connection to the server prior to opening font base.

Should I not be using Watched Folders?

  • Your operating system: Mac osx ventura
  • FontBase version: Version 2.18.1 (2.18.1)

Hello @AberdeenWrites, thank you for your post and welcome to the forum :pray:
Watched folders and remote storage such as servers or Dropbox/Google Drive etc don’t always play along that well. This is associated with how FontBase checks the availability of the added fonts/folders and how remote storage is giving access to this info.
So yes, for more stable experience it would be better to avoid using Watched folders in this case, if possible.
Hope this helps,
FontBase Dev Team