Watched folders with network drive

Hi. On Windows 10 and fontbase 2.16.4 it’s not possible to add a watched folder when the folder is a connected network drive. I only get a “- Copy” (see screenshot)

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I am using FontBase Awesome in Windows 10 and have my root folder on a network drive. I cannot add a watched folder from a different location. I don’t even get the “copy” or any pop-up.

Are you using the latest version of FontBase 2.16.6? We have fixed the network folder issue there.

Correct, I am using FontBase 2.16.6. I can click to add a watched folder, I can select the folder I want, but then nothing happens. The watched folder I am trying to select is on the local C drive. The root folder is set to a network drive.

Same issue. My network drive is running Windows 7, the folder is shared on my network and is visible in windows explorer. FontBase just shows the main watched folder even though I have subfolders in that root folder with nothing showing. Running latest on windows 10, and I am using a full-version (yr subscription).

And this is the error Im getting when I try access that watched folder from the FontBase directory…


nudge…some kind of response on the issue would greatly be appreciated.

Hello @DKGFX thank you for your feedback.
Unfortunately we’re still trying to figure out what the root cause of this issue might be, hence no real updates for now. Sorry about that.
At the moment it looks like either the current user has limited rights to read/write files from network (does the user have full admin rights?), or Windows (or some other software) is limiting FontBase’s access to network locations.
Will post an update as soon as there are any news regarding this issue, sorry again for the inconvenience.

I was experiencing the same issue.

As a workaround I have found that manually creating symbolic links in the FontBase root folder to the desired Watchfolder works.

I use ‘Link Shell Extension’ for this: Link Shell Extension

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Hm. I can created a watched network folder, but all it ever displays is “These are not the fonts you’re looking for” which isn’t very helpful. I will try symbolic links.

Same still…6 months after. Works fine on Mac.