What's a plugin?

Yeah, so, what’s a plugin? What’s it do?

Hello @bondjamesbond, thank you for your post and welcome to the forum :pray:
Basically it’s a micro-app that enables two different applications to work together:)
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Oh, okay. Thanks, yuriy. Work together in what way?

In case of FontBase and the CC app plugins, a plugin will enable a CC app to notify FontBase that there are fonts in the current document that are not active at the moment, so that FontBase could activate them automatically without the need to manually check which ones are active and then activate them one by one.
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Oh sick, where can I get one?

Sorry for the delay:)
You can find more info on the plugins here: Awesome Features — FontBase Tutorials
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No sweat. So is there somewhere I can actually download the plugin? I didn’t see anything on that page.

The plugins come with FontBase, there are no separate download links for them:)