Won't Launch on Windows 10

Desktop: Windows 10 (22H2) build 19045.2965, FontBase v2.18.1
Laptop: Windows 10 (21H2) build 19044.2846, FontBase v2.18.1

I’ve been Awesome since 2020 and only in the last few months have I repeatedly started running into issues: FontBase frequently will simply not launch, and when it won’t it isn’t already open/minimized to the system tray or hiding in the processes in the Task Manager. The only solution that reliably works is to uninstall and reinstall FontBase, but then the next time I reboot my system, I may have to do it all over again.

I store all of my preferences and fonts on cloud storage, so thankfully I don’t lose anything in the process—and it always picks them right up again on reinstall without me needing to change a thing, other than maybe needing to login again—but it’s a bit of a pain. It happens on both my desktop AND my laptop, which share the same cloud location for prefs and fonts so that I have what I need no matter which device I’m using. Both machines do frequently run SkyFonts, which might be an avenue to explore for possible conflicts.

Hello @kleonard, thank you for the post :pray:
Just to clarify, is FontBase installed to a cloud folder on both machines?
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team