Would I be able to install fonts on a different drive other than C?

I am trying to figure out if FontBase would work for me. My main drive is pretty ful,l but I have plenty of space on other drives, where all my font files are right now. Will I be able to choose a different folder to store the fonts other than C:/Users/USERNAME/FontBase ?

Hello @PFCMCL, thank you for the post and welcome to the forum:)
Yes, this is exactly one of the powers of FontBase!
Once you install the application, go to Settings and change your “root folder” location, placing it anywhere on your desired drive (local drive will provide more work stability, network/NAS drives would have certain limitations). Then any fonts you add to FontBase will be stored/managed via that folder, no showing up on your system drive (C: in your case).
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FontBase Dev Team